General Compliance

- preparation of financial statements for all types of entities
- preparation of income tax returns for all entities.
- prepare GST, PAYE and FBT returns.
- family assistance and child support.

Statutory Records

- formation of companies.
- prepare company minutes.
- maintenance of company records at the Companies Office.

Management Reports

- periodic accounts with comparative results and supporting advice.

Financial Projections

- budgeted profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow statements.


- prepare trust deeds.
- prepare appropriate supporting deeds and agreements.
- prepare and file gifting documents and implement gifting program.


- assist with finance proposals and applications.
- advise on debt structures and re-financing.

Human Resources

- advise on various employment issues.
- prepare individual employment agreements.
- prepare contractors and management agreements.


- provide detailed tax advice on a variety of issues.
- perform Inland Revenue tax audits.
- advise on appropriate structures and tax planning issues.

Corporate Recovery

- act as the Receiver or Liquidator for insolvent companies.
- dissolve and remove companies from the Register.
- business closures and wind-downs.


- advise on business acquisitions and carry out due diligence.
- prepare business valuations.
- prepare business plans.
- advise on matrimonial agreements.
- advise on shareholders agreements.
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